Cleaning and maintenance



4.9 Extraordinary maintenance

Replacing the internal light bulb

1. Completely remove all accessories from 

inside the oven.

2. Remove the racks/trays support frames.

3. Remove the bulb cover using a tool (e.g. 

a screwdriver).

Incandescent lamps:

4. Unscrew and remove the lamp.

5. Replace the lamp with one of the same 

type (25W).

6. Refit the cover correctly, so that the 

moulded part of the glass is facing the 

7. Press the cover completely down so that 

it attaches perfectly to the bulb support.

Removing the seal

To permit thorough cleaning of the oven, the 
door seal may be removed. There are 
fasteners on all four sides and in the middle 
to attach it to the edge of the oven. Pull the 
edges of the seal outwards, where 
indicated to detach it.

Live parts
Danger of electrocution

•  Disconnect the oven power supply.