Cleaning and maintenance


4. Clean the external glass pane and the 

panes previously removed. Use 
absorbent kitchen roll. In case of 
stubborn dirt, wash with a damp sponge 
and neutral detergent.

5. Reposition the internal glass pane. Take 

care to centre and insert the 4 pins into 
their housings in the oven door by 
applying slight pressure.

4.8 Cleaning the inside of the oven

For the best oven upkeep, clean it regularly 
after having allowed it to cool.

Removing racks/trays support frames

Removing the guide frames enables the 
sides to be cleaned more easily.
 Unscrew the fastening pins of the frame.

To remove the guide frames, pull the frame 
upwards to unhook it from its groove, then 
slide it out of the seats at the back.

When cleaning is complete, repeat the 
above procedures to put the guide frames 
back in


The oven should be operated at 
the maximum temperature for 
about 15-20 minutes after the use 
of specific products, to burn off the 
residues left inside the oven.

For easier cleaning, remove the