Floor balance adjustment



4. Place your refrigerator on an even 
floor surface to prevent jolts.
5. Do not keep your refrigerator in 
ambient temperatures under 10°C.

Floor balance adjustment

If your refrigerator is unbalanced;
1- Ventilation cover is removed by 
unscrewing its screws as illustrated 
in the figure before the procedure. 
You can balance your refrigerator by 
turning the front legs of it as illustrated 
in the figure. The corner where the 
leg exists is lowered when you turn 
in the direction of black arrow and 
raised when you turn in the opposite 
direction. Taking help from someone to 
slightly lift the refrigerator will facilitate 
this process.





2. After the balance issue is remedied, 
install back the ventilation cover and 
fasten the screws. 
3. Remove the screws fastening 
the lower ventilation cover using a