Installation instructions


Installation instructions



Choice of location

Always place the refrigerator in a dry place with adequate ventilation. Ensure that it is not directly
exposed to the sun's rays and do not place it outdoors. Depending on its climate class (stated on the
nameplate inside the refrigerator compartment), the appliance can be used in different temperature


Room temperature

N (Normal)

from + 16°C to + 32°C

SN (Subnormal)

from + 10°C to + 32°C

ST (Subtropical)

from + 18°C to + 38°C

T (Tropical)

from + 18°C to + 43°C

Never place the refrigerator close to heat sources. If this is unavoidable, in order to prevent the proper
operation of the product from being compromised, a suitable insulation board must be used. Otherwise,
locate the appliance at least 3 cm away from electrical or gas cookers and at least 30 cm away from
combustion heaters or radiators. 
To allow proper cooling of the condenser, the refrigerator must not be placed too close to the wall. To
prevent this, the appliance comes complete with two plastic spacers which must be fitted to the top of the
appliance as shown in the drawing. If the refrigerator is installed underneath a wall cupboard, the
distance between the two must be at least 5 cm.
Do not place heavy objects on the refrigerator.
If the appliance is installed next to another refrigerator or a freezer, keep a minimum distance of 2 cm
between the devices to prevent condensation.
Take care when installing the appliance on parquet or linoleum to avoid scratching or otherwise damaging
the floor. If necessary, when positioning slide the refrigerator over pieces of wood or a mat to the point
decided on for connection to the electrical mains.
To allow the circulation of air below the appliance, the space underneath must kept empty. Do not close it
off with a carpet or anything else.