User instructions


User instructions


Freezing of foods

The freezer is used for the long-term storage of deep frozen or frozen foods for a long period of time and
for the making of ice cubes.
Use the shelf for quick freezing to freeze food prepared at home (and any other food requiring freezing)
more quickly thanks to the increased freezing strength of the freezer compartment.
To keep and freeze foods properly, you are advised to pack fruit and vegetables in portions of no more
than 1 kg and meat and fish in portions of up to 2 kg. Smaller food packages freeze more quickly which
means that the foods' nutritional and taste properties are preserved better, including after defrosting and
preparation. Only use suitable freezer bags, tinfoil, cling-film for use with food, and freezer containers.
Do not use paper bags, cellophane bags for non-food use and shopping bags or pre-used freezer bags.
Package foods in hermetically sealed packages, attempting to ensure that all air is expelled. If using
bags, close them with suitable elastic bands or wire ties. Always allow hot foods to cool down to room
temperature before putting them in the freezer and ensure that foods which are already frozen do not
come into contact with fresh foods for freezing. Always write the date of freezing, the quantity and
product on the package, and make sure that foods are fresh and whole. 

The max. amount of fresh foods which can be frozen in a 24-hour period is marked on the rating
plate. Do not exceed the quantity specified: this can have a negative effect on the efficiency of
the freezer and the capacity to preserve the deep-frozen foods which are already in it.

For optimal performance of the appliance so that it reaches the maximum freezing capacity, turn the
thermostat knob to the highest position 24 hours before putting fresh food into the freezer. 
After putting fresh food into the freezer, 24 hours at the maximum position is usually sufficient. 
After 24 hours, it is not necessary to leave the thermostat of the freezer turned to the maximum position. 

Caution; to save energy, when you freeze small amounts of food, it is not necessary to set the
thermostat of the freezer to the maximum position.

If the wrapper of the frozen food shows signs of moisture or abnormal swelling, it may not have
previously been stored at a proper temperature and the contents may be damaged.

In case of power failure, the freezer compartment maintains its temperature for around 18 hours.