Conversion Kit


Conversion Kit

5) Remove the burner from its place by

sliding it out and moving it to the side.
(Make sure not to damage the
thermocouple or the spark electrode
during this operation).

6) Using a 7mm socket wrench replace the

nozzle, installing the one that is
appropriate for the type of gas to be used.
Refer to the gas charts at point 5.

7) WARNING: The tightening torque of the 

nozzle must be equal to 4 Nm.

After replacing the nozzle, put the burner back 
in its place. (Make sure not to damage the 
thermocouple or the spark electrode during 
this operation).

8) Screw in the burner's fastening screw.

9) Reposition the oven floor making sure to insert it correctly. The floor must be perfectly level.

10) Screw in the two fastening screws after having repositioned the oven floor.