Instructions for the installer



The oven must be installed on a free-standing horizontal work top. The distance
from the rear wall must allow easy access to the terminal board for connection
of the power supply cable. Installation must be carried out by a qualified
technician and in compliance with EC DIRECTIVES currently in force.


Electrical connection

Make sure the voltage and the cross-section of the power cord match the
specifications indicated on the identification plate positioned on the side of the
oven. Do not remove this plate for any reason.
The  oven  is  fitted  with an H07RN-F three-core  cable  for  operation  at  220-

∼ and a power  supply  plug.

The standard cable is of the three-core 3 x 1.5 mm2 H07RN-F type.
The power supply cable must be replaced by the manufacturer or by an
authorised service centre to prevent any risks.

The plug and wall-mounted socket must be of the same type (in accordance
with current regulations). Make sure that the supply line is suitably earthed.
Avoid the use of adapters and shunts.

If the appliance is connected to the electrical mains supply in a permanent
manner, install a multipolar cut-out device on the line, with contact opening
distance equal to or greater than 3 mm located near the appliance and in an
easily reachable position.

WARNING: if the phase voltage drops below 190V

∼, the performance of the

oven may suffer, not due to the product itself.

The terminal indicated by this symbol links up parts that are normally earthed.
Connect     the     appliances     appropriately     using     this     terminal     in
order     to     make     sure     that     they     are     equipotential.

8.1.1 Safety thermostat
The oven is equipped with a safety device that takes action in case of serious
malfunction. To re-arm the safety device you must contact the technical
assistance service.

The manufacturer cannot be held liable for damage to persons or things
caused by failure to observe the above instructions or deriving from tampering
with any part of the appliance.