Instructions for the installer


WARNING: if the phase voltage drops below 190 VAC, the performance of the
oven may suffer, not due to the product itself.

The power socket located in the rear part of the oven must be used only to
supply the extraction hood. The hood is provided as an optional accessory and
has a maximum absorbed power of 300W.

The terminal indicated by this symbol links up parts that are normally earthed.
Connect the appliances appropriately using this terminal in order to make sure
that they are equipotential.

8.1.1 How to reach the terminal board

1 Unscrew the fixing screws at the back of the side casing.
2 Slide out the lateral guard as shown in the figure.

8.1.2 Safety thermostat
The oven is equipped with a safety device that triggers in case of serious
malfunction. To re-arm the safety device you must contact the technical
assistance service.

The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damage to persons or things
caused by non-observance of the above prescriptions or by interference with
any part of the appliance.