Important Safety Instruction



-  Before installation, make sure that the voltage and frequency listed on the ID plate match the

household electrical supply. This data must be the same to prevent injury or damage to the

appliance. Consult a qualified electrician if in doubt.

-  Make sure your appliance is properly installed and grounded by a qualified electrician.

-  To guarantee the electrical safety of this appliance, it must always be continuously connected to a

reliable grounding system. This basic safety requirement must be met. If there is any doubt, have

your household electrical system checked by a qualified electrician. 

-  The manufacturer is not responsible for damage caused by the lack or inadequacy of a reliable

grounding system or the failure to meet the requirements of national and local electrical codes.

-  The oven should not be operated until it has been properly installed within the cabinetry.

-  Installation, maintenance and repair work should be performed by an authorized service technician.

Work by unqualified persons can be dangerous and may void the warranty.

-  Before installation or service, disconnect the power supply to the work area by “tripping” the circuit

breaker, or shutting off the main power.


Using the oven



The oven can produce high temperatures that can cause burns.
To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, personal injury or damage when using
the oven, follow basic safety precautions, including the following:

-  Prevent children from touching the appliance when in use.

-  Use heat-resistant pot holders when placing items in the oven, shifting them, or removing them

from the oven. The top heating element and oven racks can become very hot and cause burns.

-  To prevent burns, always position oven racks at the desired height while the oven is cool. 

-  Always open the door carefully. Allow hot air or steam to escape before food is placed in the oven

or removed.

-  To prevent burns, allow heating elements to cool before cleaning by hand.

-  Only clean the parts listed in this manual.

-  Remove all accessories from the oven before the self-cleaning cycle is engaged. The high

temperatures required for this cycle will damage the accessories.