Instructions for the user



What to do if...

The oven display is blank 

Check the mains power supply.

Check the household circuit breaker panel to make sure the
circuit breaker on the circuit supplying the oven is in the “ON”

The oven does not heat up

Check whether the “Showroom” feature has been enabled. For
further details see paragraph “Secondary menu” on page 17.

The controls do not respond.

Check whether the “Child Lockout” feature has been enabled.
For further details see paragraph “Secondary menu” on page 17.

Cooking takes longer than the
times indicated in the cooking

Check whether the “PO” (power miser) feature has been
enabled. For further details see paragraph “Secondary menu” on
page 17.

After self-cleaning, the oven
functions do not work.

Check whether the door interlock device is enabled. If it is not,
the oven has a safety feature that does not allow functions to be
selected while the door interlock device is active. This is because
the temperatures inside the oven are still too high to allow any
type of cooking.

The display shows ERR 4

The door interlock device has not hooked to the door properly.
This might be because the door was accidentally opened during
its activation. Turn off the oven and turn it on again waiting a few
minutes before selecting a new cleaning cycle.

If the door is opened during an
oven function using convection,
the fans shut off.

This is not a fault. It is a normal feature of the appliance and is
meant to avoid excessive loss of heat when the door is opened.
When the door is closed, the oven will resume normal operation.

Document Outline Important safety instructions 2. INSTALLATION 2.1 Using the oven 3. OVEN GUIDE 3.1 Control panel 4. AVAILABLE ACCESSORIES 5. USING THE OVEN 5.1 Warnings and general advice for use 5.2 General description 5.2.1 Oven racks 5.2.2 Cooling system 5.2.3 Oven light 5.3 Operating modes 5.4 First use 5.4.1 Setting the current time 5.5 Selecting an oven function 5.5.1 Cooking at a preset temperature 5.5.2 Changing the preset temperature 5.5.3 Using the timer 5.6 Programmed cooking procedures 5.6.1 Semiautomatic cooking 5.7 Secondary menu 6. OVEN FUNCTIONS GUIDE 7. COOKING SUGGESTIONS AND TIPS 7.1 Suggestions on using the accessories: 7.1.1 Suggestions on using the rotisserie rod: 7.2 General suggestions: 7.3 Suggestions for cooking meat: 7.4 Suggestions for cooking desserts and cookies: 7.5 Suggestions for defrosting and rising: 7.6 Cooking tables: 8. CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE OF THE OVEN 8.1 Cleaning stainless steel 8.2 Regular daily cleaning 8.3 Food stains or residues 8.4 Cleaning the inside of the oven 8.5 Cleaning the oven door glass 9. SPECIAL MAINTENANCE 9.1 Replacing the oven light 9.2 Removing the oven door 9.2.1 Doors with moveable hinge levers 9.2.2 Removing the oven door using the pins 9.2.3 Removing the oven door gasket 9.3 Removing the inner oven door glass 9.4 What to do if...