Instructions for the user


9.2.2 Removing the oven door using the pins 

Open the door completely and insert the pins (supplied) into the holes starting from the inside. Close the
door to an angle of about 45° and lift the door to remove it. To remount the door, fit the hinge arms into
the hinge slots, then lower the door into place and extract the pins. In case you lose the pins, two
screwdrivers can be used.

9.2.3 Removing the oven door gasket

In order to thoroughly clean the oven, the gasket may be removed. Before removing
the gasket, remove the oven door as described above. Once the door has been
removed, lift the tabs at the corners as shown in the figure. After cleaning, replace the
gasket starting with the longer, horizontal side and insert the tabs into the appropriate
slots at the top.


Removing the inner oven door glass



Before removing the oven glass, make sure that at least one of the door's hinges

has been locked in the open position as described in paragraph “9.2 Removing the

oven door”. This operation might have to be repeated during the glass removal

process if the door is accidentally released.

Do not use the appliance without replacing the oven glass as the outer

surface of the door will overheat.

The glass panes in the oven door should always be kept thoroughly clean. For easier cleaning, it is
possible to remove the oven door (see 9.2 Removing the oven door) and place it on a protective cloth or
fully open the door and lock the hinges as you remove the oven glass.
The glass panes in the oven door can be completely removed by following the steps found below.

Removing the inner glass:

Remove the inner glass pane by pulling it
towards you, in the direction indicated by the
arrows. Removal includes dislodging the 4 pins
attached to the glass from their slots in the
oven door.