Instructions for the User



Secondary menu

This appliance also has a concealed "secondary menu" allowing the user to:

Enable or disable the child lockout feature 

Enable or disable the Showroom feature (which disables all the heating elements so that only the

control panel works).

Enable or disable the power miser feature.


With the oven in the OFF mode (see "5.3 Operating modes") press and hold PT1 for at least 5 seconds
to display the secondary menu. Turning PT1 to the right or left changes the feature status (ON / OFF) or
(HI /LO).
Press PT1 again to move to the next feature.

Child lockout feature: Two minutes after enabling this
feature, the controls will automatically be locked, indicated

by the symbol 

 turning on, without any intervention from

the user. To temporarily release the lock during cooking,
press and hold PT1 for at least 5 seconds. The lock will
reengage after a two-minute delay.

If a control knob is turned, the word “bloc” appears 
for 2 seconds.

Showroom feature: (For exhibitors only) enabling this
feature disables all the heating elements so that only the
control panel works. To operate the oven normally, set this
feature to OFF.

Power miser feature: If the LO setting is selected, the oven
will use less energy. To restore the appliance's normal
energy consumption level, select HI.