Instructions for the User


5.5.3 Using the timer

Press PT1 once (while the oven is in STAND-BY or ON mode). The display will show the value 

(steady on) and the 

 symbol (flashing). Turn PT1 to set the cooking time (from 00:01 to 04:00). A few

seconds after the desired amount of cooking time is set, the 

 symbol will stop flashing and remain

steady on; the countdown will then start. Now select the desired cooking function and wait for the buzzer
to sound, indicating that the cooking time has elapsed.
Press PT1 once to shut off the buzzer; the cooking time can be extended by turning PT1.

If the timer was set with the oven in STAND-BY mode, when the oven is activated in ON mode (selection
of a cooking operation), the counter is reset to zero.  

Warning: the timer does not stop the cooking process. It only alerts the user that the preset number of
minutes has elapsed. Press PT2 to turn off the oven.

Changing the timer setting

After setting the countdown, press PT1 once. The 

 symbol starts flashing; turn PT1 to change the set

duration. A few seconds after the new value is set, the 

 symbol will stop flashing and the countdown

will restart from the new value.


Programmed cooking procedures

5.6.1 Semiautomatic cooking

Semiautomatic cooking is the function which allows a cooking operation to be started and then ended
after a specific length of time that is set by the user.

Select an oven function (see paragraph “5.5 Selecting an oven function”) and press PT1 twice. The

display will show the value 

 and the 

 symbol (flashing).

Turn PT1 to the right or left to set the cooking time (from 00:01 to 23:59). A few seconds after the desired

cooking time is set, the 

 symbol will stop flashing and semiautomatic cooking will start from that

moment. When the cooking time has eleapsed, the word STOP will be displayed on DSP1, cooking will
stop and a buzzer will sound; press PT1 to silence it.

If you wish to lengthen the cooking time, press PT1 again. The oven will restart normal operation with
the cooking settings selected previously. However, PT2 must be pressed to turn the oven off completely.

Changing the cooking settings
The cooking time can de changed after semiautomatic cooking has started.

When the 

 symbol is steady on and cooking is in progress, press PT1 once. The 

 symbol starts

flashing and PT1 can be turned to change the cooking time. A few seconds after the last change, the

 symbol will stop flashing, and semiautomatic cooking will restart using the new value.

To change the preset temperature, wait for the 

 symbol to turn steady and turn PT1 to the right or left

to raise or lower the cooking temperature.