Instructions for the User



Operating modes

This appliance is designed to have 3 operating modes, which can be changed by pressing PT2.

STAND-BY mode: with DSP1 on and showing the
current time (enabled as soon as the current time has
been confirmed).

ON mode: from the stand-by mode, press PT2 once.
All the displays and control knobs light up.

OFF mode: from the ON position, press and hold PT2

until it turns off. Only the 

 symbol on DSP1 remains



First use

When using for the first time, or after a power failure, the left oven display, DSP1, will display a flashing

 symbol. Before starting any oven cooking, the current time must be set.

5.4.1 Setting the current time

Adjusting the current time:

turn PT1 to the right or to the left to increase or decrease the time. (

Hold the knob in one direction to

accelerate the change in time).

When PT1 is released, after a few seconds the display will be steadily illuminated and only the colon
separating hours from minutes will flash, indicating that it is working properly. (

The display will also

show the 



Note: It might become necessary to change the current time, for example when changing over from
daylight savings to standard time. Starting in the stand-by mode, (see paragraph "5.3 Operating

press and hold PT1 for a few seconds until the symbol 

 stops flashing.

repeat the steps described in paragraph “5.4.1 Setting the current time”.


Selecting an oven function

While the oven is in the ON mode only, any cooking function can be selected by simply turning PT2 to
the right or left. The selected function will change color to red on the display. After the selection, the
preset cooking temperature for that function will be displayed on DSP2.

5.5.1 Cooking at a preset temperature

After selecting the desired oven function, the oven will start the cooking procedure at the preset

temperature and the symbol 

 will come on. Prior to cooking, there is a preheat stage, that allows the

oven to rapidly heat up to the cooking temperature. The 

 symbol flashes on DSP2 to indicate that

oven preheating is in progress. When preheating stops, the 

 symbol will be steadily illuminated and a

buzzer will sound to indicate that the food can be placed inside the oven.