Instructions for the User



5.1 General advice

NOTE:  When using the oven for the first time, heat it to the maximum
temperature (500°F) for sufficient time to burn away any oily residues from
the manufacturing process. The heating elements and the fan are
deactivated when the oven door is opened.
If you have to attend to the food in the oven, leave the door open for the
shortest time possible, so that the internal temperature doesn’t drop.

5.2 Turning on the oven

Select the desired function with the function selector knob (as indicated in the paragraph “3.2
Description of controls);

Select manual cooking (or a cooking time) (as indicated in the paragraph “4. Electronic Analog

select the temperature with the thermostat knob.

5.3 Inside light

Turn on the inside oven light by turning the function selector knob to any position or by opening the door
with the oven turned off. 

5.4 Cooling fan 

The oven is equipped with a cooling system which automatically
comes on when the oven is turned on. Fans produce a steady flow
of air from above the door which may continue for a brief period of
time even after the oven has been turned off.