Instructions for the user



Programming timed cooking

Cooking time: the 2nd button 

 can be used to set the cooking time. Before it can be set, the

thermostat knob must be turned to the desired cooking temperature and the function selector knob must
be turned to any setting. To set the cooking time, proceed as follows:

•  Press the 

 button for 1 to 2 seconds; the pointer will go to 12 (Fig. 1).

•  The cooking time can be set using the 


 buttons: each time the 


is pressed, 1 minute is added to the cooking time (figure 2 shows a cooking time of
1 hour).

•  Once the desired cooking time is reached, cooking will start about 6 seconds after



 buttons were pressed.

•  Once cooking has started the display will show the current time, represented by

the constantly illuminated marks on the dial, and the minutes left to the end of the
cooking time, represented by the flashing marks (each flashing mark means 12
minutes of cooking time left).



•  At the end of the cooking time, the timer will switch the oven heating elements off, the buzzer will start

to beep and the numbers on the clock dial will flash.

•  The cooking time can also be reset by resetting the program selected: pressing the central 


for 2 seconds will delete the set cooking time and the oven will have to be turned off manually.

Warning: it is not possible to set a cooking time of more than 6 hours.

Starting cooking: besides setting a cooking time, the cooking start time can also be set (with a
maximum delay of 12 hours in relation to the current time). To set the cooking start/end time, proceed as

•  Set the cooking time as described in the previous point.
•  Within 6 to 7 seconds after the last time you press the 


 buttons, press the 

 button again to

set the cooking start time. The current time will appear on the display with the inside segments
illuminated to show the end of cooking time. Use the 


 buttons to set the cooking start time.

•  6 to 7 seconds after the last button is pressed the display will show the current time and the cooking

start and end times, which will be represented by the illuminated inner marks. The clock dial display
marks will be constantly illuminated as long as the current time is not the same as the cooking start
time; as soon as the current time reaches the set starting time, all the inside segments will start to
flash, indicating that the oven has started cooking.

•  At the end of the cooking time, the timer will switch the oven heating elements off, the buzzer will start

to beep and the numbers on the clock dial will flash.

•  To reset the entire program, press and hold the central 

 button for 2 seconds: if cooking has

already started, the oven will have to be turned off manually.

•  Here we can see a programming example: the current time is 19:06 and cooking is

programmed to start at 20:00 and end at 21:00 hours.

• At 



the inner marks between 8 and 9 will start to flash, while the hour

hand will remain still.

Warning: for the oven to start cooking after the programming procedures just described, the
thermostat and function selector knob must be correctly set at the desired temperature and

4.0.4 "DEMO" Function

Models with analogue/digital programmer feature a "DEMO" function which deactivates the heating

elements while leaving the other functions unchanged. To activate it, simply press the 

, and 

keys and keep them held down for 3-4 seconds. A confirmation buzzer will inform the user that the
function is active. When the "DEMO" function is active, the number 6 on the clock flashes at regular
intervals. To deactivate it, simply repeat the same procedure.