Instructions for the user


9.2 Removing the oven door 

9.2.1 With type 1 moveable levers 

With the door completely open, lift the levers A  until they
touch hinges B, then grip the two sides of the door with
both hands close to the hinges. Raise the door to an angle
of about 45° and remove it. If the hinges don't lock, repeat
the operation, raising the levers and keeping the door
slightly raised. To remount the door, fit the hinges B  into
their grooves, then lower the door into place, making sure
that it remains in the grooves C, then lower the levers A. 

9.2.2 Removing doors with pins 

Open the door completely and insert the pins (supplied) into the slots from the inside. Close the door to an angle of
about 45° and lift it to remove it. To remount the door, fit the hinges into their grooves, then lower the door into place
and extract the pins. In case you lose the pins, two screwdrivers can also be used.

9.2.3 Oven door seal  

In order to thoroughly clean the oven, the seal may be removed. Before removing the 

seal, take off the door as described above. Once the door has been removed, lift the 

tabs at the corners as shown in the figure. After cleaning, refit the seal starting with 

the longer, horizontal side and insert the tabs into the appropriate slots at the top.

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