Instructions for the User



The oven features 4 support positions for pans and racks of
different heights.

Oven rack: for cooking food on pans, small cakes, roasts or food
requiring light broiling.

Pan rack: goes on top of the pan for cooking foods that might drip.

Oven pan: useful for catching oil from foods on the rack above. 

Pastry pan: for baking cakes, pizza and desserts. 

Roof liner: remove it to make cleaning inside the oven easier.


Roasting spit: useful for cooking chicken, sausages and anything
else requiring uniform cooking over the entire surface.


Rotisserie frame: fits in the slots of the oven pan before using the
rotisserie rod.


Chromium-plated grip: useful for removing hot racks and pans.

NOTE: Ask your authorized dealer for original accessories.