Instructions for the installer

2.1.2 Safety thermostat
The oven is equipped with a safety device that takes action in case of
serious malfunction. To re-arm the safety device you must contact the
technical assistance service.

The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damage to persons or
things caused by the non-observance of the above prescriptions or
deriving from tampering with any part of the appliance.



Level the oven on the ground using the four adjustable feet. In order to
adjust them, loosen the lock nut and unscrew the foot. The adjustment
screws have a range of 10 mm.


Connection to the water mains

Connect the water inlet socket on the
back to a water socket with a
threaded ¾ gas opening, taking care
to screw it tightly to the hose. 
If the water piping is new or has been
unused for a long time, before
connection, run the water to make
sure it becomes clear and free of
impurities. Without this precaution,
there is a risk that the water inlet will
become clogged causing damage to
the appliance.
It is recommended to supply the oven
with water pressure between: min. 50
kPa and max. 500 kPa.