Instructions for the User


Important: Do not use a water jet for cleaning the inside of the oven.

Before any intervention, disconnect the power supply of the oven.


Cleaning stainless steel

To keep stainless steel in good condition it should be cleaned regularly at
the end of the day. Let it cool first.

To clean and preserve the stainless steel surfaces, always use only
specific products that do not contain abrasives or chlorine-based acids.
How to use: pour the product on a damp cloth and wipe the surface, rinse
thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth or deerskin.

Do not use metallic sponges or sharp scrapers: they will
damage the surface. 
Use ordinary non-abrasive products for steel, with the aid of
wooden or plastic utensils if necessary.
Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth or deerskin.
Do not allow residues of sugary foods (such as jam) to set
inside the oven.