Instructions for the User, 4 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION

Instructions for the User



Freezer section and ice-cube tray.

Inside light and thermostat knob.

Removable shelves.

Defrosting water collection

Fruit and vegetable compartment

Fruit and vegetable compartment.

Adjustable front and rear feet.

Dairy produce compartment.

Door compartments.

Egg compartment.

Bottle shelf.

Bottle retainer strut.

4.1 Shelves

The refrigerator comes complete with several shelves which can be set at different heights by placing
them on the runners provided. Each shelf has a safety fitting to prevent it from being pulled completely
out or accidentally removed. To remove it from the appliance, lift it at the back and extract it. Then
change the position of the shelf or shelves as you require. For easy removal of all internal accessories,
the door has to be opened completely.

4.2 Refrigerator compartment defrosting water drain

The rear of the refrigerator compartment, underneath the refrigerating
plate, has a channel and a hole for collecting the defrosting water. To
ensure the refrigerator can function properly, take care never to block
this hole. It is best to check and clean it fairly regularly using the
condensation drain funnel cap provided.

4.3 Fruit and vegetable box

this container is in the bottom of the refrigerator compartment, which is
fitted with a glass shelf to cover fresh foods that require constant
humidity for optimum storage.