Instructions for the user



With this function you can set your oven to switch itself off
automatically at a particular time.

To set the auto-stop cooking time: 

17 Select a cooking function and set a temperature
18 Set the current time, pull out knob “A” and turn it clockwise. For

example: current time 11.10 am. 

19 To set cooking time (window “B”) turn knob “A” clockwise. For

example: window “B” will show 60 minutes.

20 At the end of cooking time , oven will shut off automatically and a

buzzer will sound

NOTE: to use the oven in a manual cooking function, you must turn knob “A” clockwiseuntil the symbol

 appears in window “B” 

Setting the time 
To set the time, PULL OUT knob A and turn it clockwise.

Manual cooking

To use the cooker in manual cooking mode you must turn knob A clockwise until the symbol 


in window B. 

Timed cooking
To set cooking time (window B) turn knob A clockwise. 

Expiration of cooking time

The oven will turn off automatically and a buzzer will go on (


De-activation of sound signal

This can be done by turning the FUNCTION SELECTOR knob to position