Instructions for the User



-  Before installation, make sure that the voltage and frequency listed on the data plate positioned on

door frame correspond with the household electrical supply. This data must correspond to prevent

injury an machine damage. Consult a qualified electrician if in doubt.

-  Be certain your appliance is properly installed and grounded by a qualified technician.

-  To guarantee the electrical safety of this appliance, continuity must exsist between the appliance and

an effective grounding system. It is imperative that this basic safety requirement be met. If there is

any doubt, have the electrical system of the house checked by a qualified electrician. 

-  The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for damages caused by the lack, or inadequacy, of an

effective grounding system or the failure to adhere to national and local electrical codes.

-  The oven should not be operated until it has been properly installed within cabinetry.

-  Installation, maintenance and repair work should be performed by an authorized service technician.

Work by unqualified persons could be dangerous and may void the warranty.

-  Before installation or service, disconnect the power supply to the work area by “tripping” the circuit

breaker, or shutting off the main power.