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Important safety 


Important safety information


Warning – Risk of fire! 

Hot oil and fat can ignite very quickly. Never 

leave hot fat or oil unattended. Never use 

water to put out burning oil or fat. Switch off 

the hotplate. Extinguish flames carefully 

using a lid, fire blanket or something similar. 

Risk of fire! 

The hotplates become very hot. Never 

place combustible items on the hob. Never 

place objects on the hob.

Risk of fire! 

The appliance gets hot. Do not keep 

combustible objects or aerosol cans in 

drawers directly underneath the hob.

Risk of fire! 

The hob switches off automatically and can 

no longer be operated. It may switch on 

unintentionally at a later point. Switch off the 

circuit breaker in the fuse box. Contact the 

after-sales service.

Risk of burns! 

Do not use hob covers here.They can 

cause accidents, for example due to 

overheating, catching fire or materials 



Warning – Risk of burns! 

The hotplates and surrounding area 

(particularly the hob surround, if fitted) 

become very hot. Never touch the hot 

surfaces. Keep children at a safe distance.

Risk of burns! 

The hotplate heats up but the display does 

not work. Switch off the circuit breaker in 

the fuse box. Contact the after-sales 


Risk of burns! 

Metal objects on the hob quickly become 

very hot. Never place metal objects (such 

as knives, forks, spoons and lids) on the 


Risk of fire!! 

After each use, always turn off the hob at 

the main switch. Do not wait until the hob 

turns off automatically after the pan is 



Warning – Risk of electric shock! 

Incorrect repairs are dangerous. Repairs 

may only be carried out and damaged 

power cables replaced by one of our 

trained after-sales technicians. If the 

appliance is defective, unplug the appliance 

from the mains or switch off the circuit 

breaker in the fuse box. Contact the after-

sales service.

Risk of electric shock! 

Do not use any high-pressure cleaners or 

steam cleaners, which can result in an 

electric shock.

Risk of electric shock! 

A defective appliance may cause electric 

shock. Never switch on a defective 

appliance. Unplug the appliance from the 

mains or switch off the circuit breaker in the 

fuse box. Contact the after-sales service.

Risk of electric shock! 

Cracks or fractures in the glass ceramic 

may cause electric shocks. Switch off the 

circuit breaker in the fuse box. Contact the 

after-sales service.


Warning – Risk of fault! 

A fan is located on the underside of this hob. If 

a drawer is located on the underside of the 

hob, do not store any small or sharp objects, 

paper or tea towels in it. These may be sucked 

in and damage the fan or impair the cooling.

There must be a clearance of at least 2 cm 

between the contents of the drawer and the 

fan entry point.


Warning – Risk of injury! 

When cooking in a bain marie, the hob and 

cooking container could shatter due to 

overheating. The cooking container in the 

bain marie must not directly touch the 

bottom of the water-filled pot. Only use heat-

resistant cookware.

Risk of injury! 

Saucepans may suddenly jump due to 

liquid between the pan base and the 

hotplate. Always keep the hotplate and 

saucepan bases dry.