Intended use

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Intended use

Intended use

Read these instructions carefully. Please keep 

the instruction and installation manual, as well 

as the appliance certificate, in a safe place for 

later use or for subsequent owners.
Check the appliance after removing it from the 

packaging. If it has suffered any damage in 

transport, do not connect the appliance, 

contact the Technical Assistance Service and 

provide written notification of the damage 

caused, otherwise you will lose your right to 

any type of compensation.
Only a licensed professional may connect 

appliances without plugs. Damage caused by 

incorrect connection is not covered under 

This appliance must be installed according to 

the installation instructions included.
This appliance is intended for private domestic 

use and the household environment only. The 

appliance must only be used for the 

preparation of food and beverages. The 

cooking process must be supervised. A short 

cooking process must be supervised without 

interruption. Only use the appliance in 

enclosed spaces.
This appliance is intended for use up to a 

maximum height of 4000 metres above sea 

Do not use covers. These can cause 

accidents, for example due to overheating, 

catching fire or materials shattering.
Only use safety devices or child protection 

grilles approved by ourselves. Unsuitable 

safety devices or child protection grilles may 

result in accidents.
This appliance is not intended for operation 

with an external clock timer or a remote 

This appliance may be used by children over 

the age of 8 years old and by persons with 

reduced physical, sensory or mental 

capabilities or by persons with a lack of 

experience or knowledge if they are 

supervised or are instructed by a person 

responsible for their safety how to use the 

appliance safely and have understood the 

associated hazards.

Children must not play with, on, or around the 

appliance. Children must not clean the 

appliance or carry out general maintenance 

unless they are at least 15 years old and are 

being supervised.
Keep children below the age of 8 years old at 

a safe distance from the appliance and power 

If you wear an active implantable medical 

device (e.g. a pacemaker or defibrillator), 

check with your doctor that it complies with 

Council Directive 90/385/EEC of 20th June 

1990, DIN EN 45502-2-1 and DIN EN 45502-

2-2, and that it has been chosen, implanted 

and programmed in accordance with VDE-AR-

E 2750-10. If these conditions are satisfied, 

and if, in addition, non-metal cooking utensils 

and cookware with non-metal handles are 

used, it is safe to use this induction hob as