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Customer service

Customer service

Our after-sales service is there for you if your appliance 

needs to be repaired. We will always find an 

appropriate solution, also in order to avoid after-sales 

personnel having to make unnecessary visits.

E number and FD number

Please quote the E number (product number) and the 

FD number (production number) of your appliance 

when contacting the after-sales service.
The rating plate bearing these numbers can be found:

On the appliance certificate.

On the lower section of the hob.

The E-number can also be found on the glass surface 

of the hob. You can check the customer index (KI) and 

FD number by going to the basic settings. Look up 

section~  "Basic settings" for this.
Please note that a visit from an after-sales service 

engineer is not free of charge in the event of misuse of 

the appliance, even during the warranty period.
Please find the contact data of all countries in the 

enclosed customer service list.

To book an engineer visit and product advice

Rely on the professionalism of the manufacturer. You 

can therefore be sure that the repair is carried out by 

trained service technicians who carry original spare 

parts for your appliances.


0344 892 8999 

Calls charged at local or mobile rate.


01450 2655 

0.03 € per minute at peak. Off peak 0.0088 € 

per minute.