Trouble shooting

Trouble shooting    en



Trouble shooting

Trouble shooting

Usually, faults are small matters that are easy to 

eliminate. Please read the information in the table 

before calling the after-sales service.



 appears on the display, press and hold the 

button for the relevant cooking zone in order to read 

the fault code.

If the fault code is not listed in the table, disconnect 

the hob from the mains power supply and wait 

30 seconds before reconnecting it. If this code is 

displayed again, contact the technical after-sales 

service and specify which fault code has appeared.

If a fault occurs, the appliance will not switch to 

standby mode.


How do I clean the hob?

Using a special glass-ceramic cleaning agent produces the best results. We advise against using harsh or abrasive cleaning agents, dish-

water detergent (concentrated) or scouring pads.
You can find more information on cleaning and caring for your hob in the section on ~  "Cleaning"


Possible cause



The power supply has been disconnected. 

Use other electrical devices to check whether a short-circuit has 

occurred in the power supply. 

The device has not been connected in accord-

ance with the circuit diagram.

Ensure that the device has been connected in accordance with 

the circuit diagram.

Electronics fault.

If the fault cannot be eliminated, inform the technical after-sales 


The displays flash

The control panel is damp or an object is cover-

ing it.

Dry the control panel or remove the object.



 indicator flashes in the 

hotplate displays

A fault has occurred in the electronics.

To acknowledge the fault, cover the control panel with your hand.


The electronics have overheated and have 

switched off the corresponding hotplate.

Wait until the electronics have cooled down sufficiently. Then 

touch any symbol on the hob.


The electronics have overheated and have 

switched off all hotplates.


 + heat setting and acous-

tic signal

There is a hot pan in the area of the control 

panel. There is a risk that the electronics will 


Remove the pan. The fault display goes out shortly afterwards. 

You can continue to cook.


 and acoustic signal

There is a hot pan in the area of the control 

panel. To protect the electronics, the hotplate 

has been switched off.

Remove the pan. Wait for a few seconds. Touch any control. If the 

fault display goes out, you can continue to cook.




The hotplate has overheated and switched itself 

off to protect the work surface.

Wait until the electronics have cooled down sufficiently and 

switch the hotplate on again.


The hotplate was operating for an extended 

period without interruption.

The automatic safety switch-off function has been activated. See 



The supply voltage is faulty; outside of the nor-

mal operating range.

Contact your electricity provider.


The hob is not connected properly

Disconnect the hob from the power supply. Ensure that it has 

been connected in accordance with the circuit diagram.

Do not place hot pans on the control panel.