Energy consumption, indicator, Cookware check

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Energy consumption 


Energy consumption indicator

This function indicates the total amount of energy 

consumed by this hob the last time it was used for 

Once the hob is switched off, the energy consumption 

is displayed in kilowatt hours (e.g. 



 kWh) for 10 

The accuracy of the information displayed depends on 

the voltage quality of the mains power supply, among 

other factors.
You can find out how to switch this function on in the 

section on ~  "Basic settings"


Cookware check

Cookware check

This function can be used to check the speed and 

quality of the cooking process depending on the 

The result is a reference value and depends on the 

properties of the cookware and the hotplate being used.


Place a cold saucepan containing approx. 200 ml of 

water in the centre of the hotplate the diameter of 

which matches the base of the pan most closely.


Go to the basic settings and select the 






Touch the control panel. 


 will flash on the hotplate 


The function has now been enabled.

After 20 seconds, the quality and speed of the cooking 

process will appear in the hotplate display.

Check the result using the following table:

To reactivate this function, touch the settings range.


If the diameter of the hotplate used is much smaller 

than the diameter of the cookware, only the middle 

of the cookware can be expected to heat up. This 

may result in the cooking results not being as good 

as expected or being less than satisfactory.

You can find information on this function in the 

section on ~  "Basic settings".

You can find information on the type, size and 

positioning of the cookware in the section on 
~  "Induction cooking".


The cookware is not suitable for the hotplate and will therefore 

not heat up.*

The cookware is taking longer to heat up than expected and the 

cooking process is not going as well as it should.*


The cookware is heating up correctly and the cooking process 

is going well.

* If there is a smaller hotplate available, test the cookware again on the

smaller hotplate.