Wipe protection, Automatic safety cut out

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Wipe protection

Wipe protection

If you wipe over the control panel while the hob is 

switched on, settings may be altered. To avoid doing 

this, you can use the hob's "Lock control panel for 

cleaning" function. 
To activate: Touch the 


 symbol. An audible signal 

sounds. The control panel is locked for 35 seconds. 

You can now wipe over the surface of the control panel 

without altering any settings.
To deactivate: The control panel will be unlocked once 

35 seconds have elapsed. To release the function early, 

touch the 




An audible signal sounds 30 seconds after 

activation. This indicates that the function is about to 


The cleaning lock does not lock the main switch. The 

hob can be switched off at any time.


Automatic safety cut-out

Automatic safety cut-out

If a hotplate operates for an extended period and no 

settings are changed, the automatic safety shut-off is 

The hotplate stops heating. 

 and the residual heat 




 flash alternately in the hotplate display.

When you touch any symbol, the display switches off. 

The hotplate can now be set again.
The point at which the safety shut-off becomes active 

depends on which heat setting has been set (after 1 to 

10 hours).