Operating the appliance

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Operating the appliance

Operating the appliance

In this section, you can find out how to set your 

appliance. In the table, you can find the settings for 

various dishes. 

Switching on or off


The appliance switches off automatically when 

the temperature setting remains at 0 for more than 

20 seconds.

Switching on

Touch the 



An audible signal sounds. The indicator above the main 

switch lights up. The appliance is ready to use.

Switching off

Touch the 


 symbol until the indicator above the main 

switch goes out.
The appliance is switched off. The residual heat 

indicator remains lit until the appliance has cooled 

down sufficiently.

Setting the temperature


Switch on the appliance with the main switch.


 lights up on the temperature display.


Slide your finger along the control panel until the 

required temperature appears on the display.

The heating indicator flashes.

Once the set temperature has been reached, an audible 

signal sounds and the heating indicator goes out. Now 

you can place the food onto the teppanyaki.


The appliance regulates the temperature by 

switching the heat on and off. The heat may switch on 

and off even at the highest setting.

Keep warm setting

The Teppan Yaki must be switched on.
Select the keep warm setting 


 in the settings range.

Do not try to keep too much food warm at once. All 

food to be kept warm should be in contact with the 

grilling surface, as otherwise it will cool down. Do not 

keep food warm for too long as it will dry out.

Cleaning level

At the 

 cleaning setting, the appliance heats to 

40 °C. This enables you to leave the dirt to soak once 

you have poured a little water and added a drop of 

washing-up liquid on the frying surface (1 hour 

maximum). You can begin cleaning once the dirt has 

begun to soften.

Switching off the rear heating zone

If you are preparing small amounts of food, you can 

also just use the front heating zone. You can use the 

rear heating zone for keeping food warm.


Switch on the appliance.


Touch the 



The display above the symbol lights up. The rear 

heating zone is switched off.


The next time you switch the appliance on, this 

setting will be retained. You can change this behaviour 

in the basic settings.