Trouble shooting

Trouble shooting    en



Trouble shooting

Trouble shooting


Warning – Risk of electric shock! 

Incorrect repairs are dangerous. Repairs may only be 

carried out by one of our trained after-sales engineers. If 

the appliance is faulty, unplug the mains plug or switch 

off the fuse in the fuse box. Contact the after-sales 


Faults often have simple explanations. Please read the 

information in the table before calling the after-sales 

The electronics of your appliance are underneath the 

control panel. For various reasons, the temperature in 

this area may rise sharply.
So that the electronics do not overheat, the appliance is 

automatically switched off as required. 





displayed alternately with the residual heat indicator 





E-report in the displays

When an error message with "E" appears in the display, 

e.g. E0111, switch the appliance off and on again.
If it was a one-off error, the display goes out. If the error 

message appears again, call the after-sales service and 

quote the exact error message.





The power supply has been disconnected.

Check the household fuse for the appliance. Check whether there is a 

power cut by trying other electronic appliances.

All displays flash

The touch controls are wet or an object is rest-

ing on them.

Dry the controls or remove the object.





Appliance fault

Switch the appliance off and back on again. If this is displayed again, call 

the after-sales service.


The appliance has been grilling for a long time 

at a high setting. To protect the electronics, the 

front heating zone has been switched off.

Wait until the electronics have cooled down sufficiently. Touch any control. 


 goes out.


Despite the switch-off by 


, the electronics 

have become hot again. The appliance has 

therefore been switched off.

Wait until the electronics have cooled down sufficiently. Touch any control. 


 goes out.


 and the tempera-

ture flash alternately. 

An audible signal can 

be heard.

Warning: There is a hot object near the control 

panel. There is a risk that the electronics will 


Remove the object. The fault indicator goes out.


 and audible signal There is a hot object near the control panel. To 

protect the electronics, the appliance has been 

switched off.

Remove the object. Wait until the electronics have cooled down suffi-

ciently. Touch any control. 


 goes out.


The appliance was in operation for too long and 

has switched itself off.

Switch the appliance on again.


 Appliance does not 

heat up

Demo mode is switched on

Switch off demo mode: Disconnect the appliance from the power supply 

for 30 seconds (switch off the household fuse or the circuit breaker in the 

fuse box). Touch any touch control in the next 3 minutes. Demo mode will 

be switched off.