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With good care and cleaning, your appliance will retain 

its appearance and remain fully functioning for a long 

time to come. We will explain here how you should 

correctly care for and clean your appliance.
Suitable maintenance and cleaning products can be 

purchased from the after-sales service or in our e-Shop.


Warning – Risk of electric shock! 

Do not use any high-pressure cleaners or steam 

cleaners, which can result in an electric shock.


Warning – Risk of burns! 

The appliance becomes hot during operation. Allow the 

appliance to cool down before cleaning.


Warning – Risk of burns! 

When you add water or ice cubes to the hot grilling 

surface, it will spit and steam will form. Do not bend 

over the appliance. Keep a safe distance away.

Do not use these cleaners

Scouring or chemically aggressive cleaners

Don't allow acidic cleaners (e.g. vinegar, citric acid, 

etc.) to get on the frame or panel.

Cleaners containing chlorine or with a high content 

of alcohol

Oven cleaner

Hard and scratchy sponges, brushes or scouring 


Thoroughly wash out new sponge cloths before 

using them.

Cleaning the appliance

Clean the appliance after each use once it has cooled 

down. Burnt-on residues can only be removed with 

Remove large clumps of residue using a spatula.
Ice cubes are better suited to cleaning the hot 

appliance than water as they cause less splashing of 

hot water and less steam.
Carefully remove cleaner residues before next using the 


Cleaning the appliance when it is hot


Switch off the appliance. Leave the appliance to cool 

down for at least 15 minutes.


Pour ice cubes or water onto the frying surface. Add 

a few drops of washing-up liquid. Leave the dirt to 



Do not start cleaning until the residual heat indicator 

has changed from 




Cleaning the appliance once it has cooled down


Pour a little water and add a drop of washing-up 

liquid on the frying surface so that it is just covered.


Switch on the appliance. Set the cleaning setting. 

Leave the dirt to soak (max. 1 hour).


Begin cleaning once the dirt has begun to soften.

Cleaning between uses


Switch off the appliance.


Use a spatula to push 4 – 5 ice cubes over the hot 

frying surface.


Use a spatula to remove dirt which has begun to 



Switch the appliance on again. Wait until the 

appliance has reached the set temperature again 

before placing food on the frying surface.

Appliance part/sur-


Recommended cleaning

Frying surface

Use hot water and washing-up liquid to 

remove greasy residues. 
Depending on what has been cooked, whit-

ish stains may remain on the frying surface. 

Remove these with lemon juice or vinegar. 

Then thoroughly wipe the frying surface with 

a damp cloth. Lemon juice and vinegar must 

not be allowed to come into contact with the 

control panel.

Frying surface, burnt-on 


For heavy soiling, use our stainless-steel 

cleaner (order no. 00311499). This gives 

dull stainless steel its shine back.
Apply our grill cleaner gel (order no. 

00463582) to stubborn dirt once the appli-

ance has cooled down and let it work for at 

least 2 hours, or overnight for heavy soiling. 

Then rinse off thoroughly and dry. Follow 

the instructions on the cleaner's packaging.

Stainless steel frame

Clean using a soft, damp cloth and some 

washing-up liquid.
For heavy soiling, use our stainless-steel 

cleaner (order no. 00311499). This gives 

dull stainless steel its shine back.

Control panel

Clean using a soft, damp cloth and some 

washing-up liquid; the cloth must not be too 

wet. Dry with a soft cloth.

Appliance part/sur-


Recommended cleaning