Residual heat indicator, Accessories

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It is essential to ensure that all the burner parts and pan 

supports are correctly installed for the appliance to 

work correctly. Do not swap the burner caps around.
Always remove the pan supports carefully. When 

moving a pan support, the pan supports next to it may 

also move.

Residual heat indicator

Every hotplate on the hob has a residual heat indicator 

that indicates whether it is hot or warm.

 appears in the display the hob is still hot. As the 

hotplate cools down further, the display changes to 


The display remains lit until the hotplate has cooled 

sufficiently. Do not touch the respective hotplate if this 

indicator is lit.


Depending on the model, the hob may include the 

following accessories. These can also be acquired from 

the Technical Assistance Service.

These appliances can be combined with conventional 

hobs of the same make, using the joint accessory. See 

the catalogue for details.



The manufacturer accepts no liability if these 

accessories are not used or are used incorrectly.

Inner flame on low power.



Ignition plug




Burner ring


Burner cup


Burner cap

Additional wok grid 

Only suitable for use on wok 

burners with two or three 

flames. Only use cookware with 

a diameter of more than 26 cm, 

griddle plates, clay casserole 

dishes, paella pans, cookware 

with rounded base, etc.
To extend the service life of the 

appliance, we recommend using 

the additional wok grid.
Additional espresso maker 


Only suitable for user on the 

inner flame of the wok burner. 

Use cookware with a diameter 

of less than 22 cm.

Additional espresso maker 


Only suitable for use on the 

smallest burner. Use cookware 

with a diameter of less than 

12 cm.

Simmer plate 

This accessory part is only suita-

ble for simmering. It can be 

used with the economy burner 

or the standard-output burner. If 

your hob has several standard-

output burners, we recommend 

placing the simmer plate on the 

rear or front-right standard-out-

put burner.
Place the accessory component 

with the projections facing 

upwards on the holder; never 

place it directly on the burner.

HZ233720 Additional wok grid
HZ298113 Additional espresso maker grid for the 

wok burner

HZ298114 Additional espresso maker grid for the 

smallest burner

HZ298105 Simmer Plate