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Operating a burner with the power set too 

high will result in very high temperatures 

being generated. This may cause 

flammable materials to ignite. The power 

setting shown in the display may differ from 

the power setting that has been set using 

the knob. The power setting is shown in the 

display purely for additional information. 

Always set the power setting according to 

the printing on the knob.


Warning – Risk of injury! 

Cracks or fractures in the glass plate are 

dangerous. Shut immediately off all burners 

and any electrical heating element. Unplug 

the appliance from the mains or switch off 

the circuit breaker in the fuse box. Shut off 

the gas supply. Do not touch the appliance 

surface. Never switch on a faulty appliance. 

Contact the after-sales service.

Risk of injuries! 

Pans which are damaged, are not the right 

size, hang over the edge of the hob or are 

not positioned correctly can cause serious 

injuries. Follow the advice and warnings 

provided relating to the cooking pans.

Risk of injury! 

Incorrect repairs are dangerous. Repairs 

may only be carried out, and damaged 

power and gas lines replaced, by an after-

sales engineer trained by us. If the 

appliance is faulty, unplug the mains plug or 

switch off the fuse in the fuse box. Shut off 

the gas supply. Contact the after-sales 


Risk of injury! 

If a control knob is too stiff to turn or it is 

loose, it must not be used. Contact our 

after-sales service immediately to have the 

control knob repaired or replaced.


Warning – Risk of electric shock! 

Do not clean the appliance using steam 


Risk of electric shock! 

Cracks or fractures in the glass plate could 

cause electric shocks. Switch off the circuit 

breaker in the fuse box. Contact the after-

sales service.


Getting to know your 


Getting to know your appliance

You can find your appliance and the burner powers in 

the model overview. ~  Page 2

Controls and burners

Each control knob is marked with the burner it controls. 

You can use the control knobs to set the output 

required in each case to various positions between the 

maximum and the minimum settings. Never try to switch 

directly from position 0 to position 1 or from position 1 

to position 0.

For dual double-flame burners, the inner and outer 

flames can be controlled separately. The available 

power levels are as follows:



Burner controlled by control knob


Switched-off burner


Highest power setting and electric ignition


Lowest power setting



Electric ignition



Heat settings

Switched-off burner



Residual heat

Inner and outer flame on 

full power.

Outer flame on low power, 

inner flame on full power.

Inner flame on full power.