Important safety, information

en    Important safety information


cooking purposes, not as a heating system. 

The warranty will only be valid if the appliance 

is used for the purpose for which it was 

This appliance is intended for use up to a 

maximum height of 2000 metres above sea 

Never leave the appliance unattended during 

Do not use lids or hob guards for children 

which are not recommended by the hob 

manufacturer. They may cause accidents such 

as those due to the overheating, ignition or 

detachment of fragments of materials.
This appliance may be used by children over 

the age of 8 years old and by persons with 

reduced physical, sensory or mental 

capabilities or by persons with a lack of 

experience or knowledge if they are 

supervised or are instructed by a person 

responsible for their safety how to use the 

appliance safely and have understood the 

associated hazards.
Children must not play with, on, or around the 

appliance. Children must not clean the 

appliance or carry out general maintenance 

unless they are at least 15 years old and are 

being supervised.
Keep children below the age of 8 years old at 

a safe distance from the appliance and power 



Important safety 


Important safety information


Warning – Risk of deflagration! 

Accumulation of unburned gas in an enclosed 

area carries a risk of deflagration. Do not 

subject the appliance to draughts. These 

might blow out the burners. Carefully read the 

instructions and warnings on the operation of 

gas burners.


Warning – Risk of poisoning! 

The kitchen will become hot and humid and 

combustion products produced when this gas 

appliance is used. Make sure the kitchen is 

well ventilated, particularly when the hob is in 

operation: either keep the natural ventilation 

apertures open, or install a ventilation system 

(extractor hood). Intense prolonged use of the 

appliance may require additional or more 

effective ventilation: open a window or 

increase the power of the ventilation system.


Warning – Risk of burns! 

The hotplates and their immediate vicinity 

get very hot. Never touch the hot surfaces. 

Keep children under 8 years old well away 

from this appliance.

Risk of burns! 

If the liquefied gas bottle is not upright, 

liquefied propane/butane can enter the 

appliance. Intense darting flames may 

therefore escape from the burners. 

Components may become damaged and 

start to leak over time so that gas escapes 

uncontrollably. Both can cause burns. 

Always use liquefied gas bottles in an 

upright position.


Warning – Risk of fire! 

The hotplates get very hot. Do not rest 

inflammable objects on the hob. Do not 

store objects on the hob.

Risk of fire! 

Do not store or use corrosive chemicals, 

products which produce fumes, 

inflammable materials or non-food products 

below or near this domestic appliance.

Risk of fire! 

Fat or oil which is overheated can catch fire 

easily. Never leave fat or oil to heat up 

unattended. If oil or fats do catch fire, never 

use water to put the fire out. Put the fire out 

by covering the pan with a lid and switch off 

the hotplate.

Risk of fire!