Trouble shooting

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Trouble shooting

Trouble shooting

Sometimes certain faults detected can be easily 

resolved. Before calling the Technical Assistance 

Service, bear in mind the following advice:


Possible cause

Remedial action

Electrical operation is gener-

ally impaired.

Defective circuit breaker.

Check inside the fuse box to see if any of the fuses are 

damaged. Replace if necessary.

The circuit breaker or one of the residual-current circuit 

breakers has been triggered.

Check the control panel to see if the automatic circuit 

breaker or a fault current switch has failed.

Automatic ignition is not work-


There may be remnants of food or cleaning agent resi-

dues trapped between the ignition plugs and the burners.

The spaces in between the ignition plugs and the burners 

must be clean.

The burners are wet.

Carefully dry the burner caps.

The burner caps have not been fitted correctly.

Make sure that the caps have been fitted correctly.

The appliance is not earthed or has not been connected 

correctly, or the earth cable is damaged.

Contact an electrician.

Automatic ignition is not work-

ing and the 





appears in the display.

The electronics have overheated.

Switch the burners off or use only the lowest heat setting 

until the electronics have cooled down sufficiently.

The burner flame is uneven.

The burner parts have not been fitted correctly.

Fit the burner parts to the relative burner correctly.

The burner slots are dirty.

Clean the burner slots.

The gas does not appear to be 

flowing correctly or there is no 

gas being produced at all.

The gas supply has been shut off by the intermediate 


Open the intermediate valves.

If gas is supplied by a gas cylinder, check that this is not 


Replace the gas cylinder.

There is a smell of gas in the 


The gas tap is open.

Close the gas tap.

The gas cylinder has not been connected correctly.

Make sure that the gas cylinder has been connected cor-


Gas may be leaking.

Close the central tap in the gas line, ventilate the room 

and immediately call an authorised installer, who can 

inspect the gas system and issue an installation certifi-

cate. Do not use the appliance until you are sure that gas 

is not leaking from the system or the appliance.

The burner switches off as 

soon as the control knob is 


The control knob was not held down for long enough.

If the burner is switched on, hold the control knob down 

for a few seconds longer.

The burner slots are dirty.

Clean the burner slots.








 appear in the dis-


Electronics fault.

Disconnect the hob from the power supply. Wait a few 

seconds and then reconnect it. If the indicator remains lit, 

contact the after-sales service.

The heat setting indicator in 

the display continually devi-

ates from the heat setting that 

was selected using the control 


Incorrect calibration of the electronics.

Carry out the calibration in accordance with the installa-

tion instructions.