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Suitable maintenance and cleaning products can be 

purchased from the after-sales service or in our e-Shop.



Always clean the hob after cooking. This will prevent 

food deposits from becoming burned on. Only clean the 

hob after the residual heat indicator has gone out.
Clean the hob with a damp dish cloth and dry it with a 

cloth or towel to prevent limescale build-up.
Only use cleaning agents that are suitable for this type 

of hob. Observe the manufacturer's instructions on the 

product packaging.
Never use:

Undiluted washing-up liquid

Cleaning agents designed for dishwashers

Abrasive cleaners 

Harsh cleaning agents, such as oven spray and 

limescale remover

Scouring pads 

High-pressure cleaners or steam jet cleaners

Stubborn dirt is best removed with a glass scraper, 

available from retailers. Observe the manufacturer's 

You can obtain a suitable glass scraper from customer 

services or through our online shop.
Using a special sponge for cleaning glass-ceramic 

hobs achieves a great cleaning result.


Do not use any cleaning agents while the hob is 

still hot. This may mark the surface. Make sure that any 

residue left by cleaning agents is removed.

Hob surround

To prevent damage to the hob surround, observe the 

following instructions:

Only use warm soapy water

Wash new dish cloths thoroughly before use.

Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaning agents.

Do not use a glass scraper or sharp objects.

Potential marks

Limescale and water 


Clean the hob as soon as it has cooled down. 

You can use a cleaning agent suitable for 

glass-ceramic hobs.*

Sugar, rice starch or 


Clean immediately. Use a glass scraper. Cau-

tion: Risk of burns.*

* Then clean with a damp dish cloth and dry with a cloth or towel.