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Frying Sensor

Frying Se


This function can be used to fry food while maintaining 

the suitable frying pan temperature.
The cooking zones that have this function are identified 

by the roasting function symbol.

Advantages when frying

The hotplate only heats up if this is required to 

maintain the temperature. This saves energy and 

prevents the oil or fat from overheating.

The roasting function reports when the empty frying 

pan has reached the optimum temperature for 

adding oil and then for adding the food.


Do not place a lid on the pan. Otherwise, the 

function does not activate correctly. You can use a 

splash guard to prevent splashes of grease.

Use suitable oil or fat for frying. If butter, margarine, 

extra virgin olive oil or lard is used, set heat setting 

1 or 2.

Never leave a frying pan, with or without food, 

unattended when it is being heated.

If the hotplate is a higher temperature than the 

cookware or vice versa, the frying sensor will not be 

activated correctly.

For frying with the frying sensor

Frying pans that are perfect for using with the frying 

sensor can be purchased from specialist retailers or 

through our technical after-sales service. Quote the 

relevant reference number: 

HZ390210 15 cm frying pan.

HZ390220 19 cm frying pan.

HZ390230 21 cm frying pan.

HZ390250 28 cm frying pan. Only recommended 

for the triple-circuit hotplate.

These frying pans have a non-stick coating so that you 

require only a small amount of oil to fry food.


The frying sensor has been configured specifically 

for this type of frying pan.

Ensure that the diameter of the base of the frying 

pan corresponds to the size of the hotplate. Put the 

frying pan in the centre of the hotplate.

Using a frying pan of a different size or one that is 

poorly positioned on the flexible cooking zones may 

result in the frying sensor not being activated. See 

the section on ~ "Flex Zone".

Other frying pans may overheat. They may reach a 

temperature above or below the selected 

temperature setting. Try the lowest temperature 

setting to begin with and change it if necessary.