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Move function

Move func


This function activates the entire flexible cooking zone, 

which is divided into three cooking areas and which has 

preset heat settings.
Only use one item of cookware. The size of the cooking 

area depends on the cookware used and whether it is 

positioned correctly.

This means that an item of cookware can be moved 

during the cooking process to another cooking area 

with another heat setting:

Preset heat settings:
Front area = heat setting 


Middle area = heat setting 

Rear area = heat setting 


The preset heat settings can be changed independently 

of one another. You can find out how to change these in 

the section on ~ "Basic settings".


If more than one item of cookware is detected on the 

flexible cooking zone, the function is deactivated.

If the cookware is moved within the flexible cooking 

zone or lifted up, the hob automatically starts 

searching and the heat setting of the area in which 

the vessel was detected is set.

You can find information on the size and positioning 

of the cookware in the section on ~ "Flex Zone"



Select one of the two hotplates in the flexible 

cooking zone.


Touch the 


 symbol; it lights up more brightly. The 

flexible cooking zone is activated as a single 


The heat setting in the area in which the cookware is 

located lights up in the hotplate display.

The function has now been activated.

Changing the heat setting

The heat settings for the individual cooking areas can 

be changed during the cooking process. Set the 

cookware down on the cooking area and change the 

heat setting in the settings range.


Only the heat setting in the area in which the 

cookware is located is changed.

If the function is deactivated, the heat settings for the 

three cooking areas are reset to the preset values.


Touch the 


 symbol. It lights up dimly.

The function was deactivated.


If one of the cooking areas is set to 

, the 

function deactivates after a few seconds.

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