Operating the appliance

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Operating the appliance


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This chapter explains how to set a hotplate. The table 

shows heat settings and cooking times for various 


Switching the hob on and off

Switch the hob on and off using the main switch.
To switch on: Touch the 


 symbol. An audible signal 

sounds. The symbols for the hotplates and the functions 

available at this time light up. The hob is ready to use.
To switch off: Touch the 


 symbol until the indicators 

go out. The residual heat indicator remains lit until the 

hotplates have cooled down sufficiently.


The hob switches off automatically if all hotplates 

have been switched off for more than 20 seconds.

The selected settings are stored for four seconds 

after the hob has been switched off. If you switch it 

on again during this time, the hob will operate using 

the previously stored settings.

Setting a hotplate

Set the desired heat setting in the settings area.
Heat setting 1 = lowest setting.
Heat setting 9 = highest setting.
Every heat setting has an intermediate setting. This is 

marked with 



The left-hand hotplates are set in the settings 

area on the left and the right-hand and central hotplates 

are set in the settings area on the right.

Selecting a hotplate and heat setting

The hob must be switched on.


Touch the 




 symbols for the required 



 indicator gets brighter.


Swipe your finger over the relative settings area until 

the required heat setting lights up.

The heat setting is set.

Changing the power level

Select the hotplate and set the desired power level in 

the programming zone.

Switch off the hotplate

Select the hotplate and set it to


 in the programming 

panel. The hotplate turns off and the residual heat 

indicator appears.


If no pan has been placed on the hotplate, the 

selected power level flashes. After a certain time has 

elapsed, the hotplate switches off.

If a pan has been placed on the hotplate before 

switching on the hob, it will be detected within 

20 seconds of pressing the main switch and the 

hotplate will be selected automatically. Once 

detected, select the power level within the next 

20 seconds or the hotplate will switch off.

Chef's recommendations


When heating up puree, cream soups and thick 

sauces, stir occasionally.

Set heat setting 8 to 9 for preheating.

When cooking with the lid on, turn the heat setting 

down as soon as steam escapes between the lid 

and the cookware. Steam does not need to escape 

for a good cooking result.

After cooking, keep the lid on the cookware until you 

serve the food.

To cook with the pressure cooker, observe the 

manufacturer's instructions.

Do not cook food for too long, otherwise the 

nutrients will be lost. The kitchen clock can be used 

to set the optimum cooking time.

For a more healthy cooking result, smoking oil 

should be avoided.

To brown food, fry small portions in succession.

Cookware may reach high temperatures while the 

food is cooking. We recommend that you use oven 


You can find recommendations for energy-efficient 

cooking in section ~ "Environmental protection"