Cleaning and maintenance

  Cleaning and maintenance    en


Saturation display

When the metal grease filters or the activated charcoal 

filter are/is saturated, an audible signal sounds for 

approximately four seconds after the fan is switched off.
In addition, the corresponding symbol appears on the 


Metal grease filter:


Activated charcoal filter: 


If you have not yet done so, the metal grease filters 

should be cleaned or the activated charcoal filter 

For instructions on how to clean the metal grease filters, 

please refer to the section 

Cleaning and maintenance


The saturation indicators can be reset while they are 

flashing. To do this, touch the - symbol.
Switching over the indicator for circulating-air mode
For circulating-air mode, the electronic control must be 

switched over accordingly:

The extractor hood must be connected and switched 


Touch and hold the 




 symbols at the 

same time, until the 


 indicator lights up for 

circulating-air mode "Starter Set". Repeatedly 

pressing and holding this button combination 

causes the 


 indicator to light up for the 

"CleanAir" circulating-air module.

Repeatedly pressing and holding this button 

combination switches the electronic control back 

over to ducted operation (



Audible signal 

Switching on the audible signal
When the fan is switched off, press and hold the 



+ symbols simultaneously for approximately three 

seconds. An audible signal sounds as an 

Switching off the audible signal
Repeat the "Switching on the audible signal" process.


Cleaning and maintenance


and maint




Risk of burns!

The appliance will become hot during operation, 

especially near the bulbs. Allow the appliance to cool 

down before cleaning.



Risk of electric shock!

Penetrating moisture may result in an electric shock. 

Clean the appliance using a damp cloth only. Before 

cleaning, pull out the mains plug or switch off the circuit 

breaker in the fuse box.



Risk of electric shock!

Do not use any high-pressure cleaners or steam 

cleaners, which can result in an electric shock.



Risk of injury!

Components inside the appliance may have sharp 

edges. Wear protective gloves.

Cleaning agents

Observe the information in the table to ensure that the 

different surfaces are not damaged by using the wrong 

type of cleaning agent. Do not use

harsh or abrasive cleaning agents,

cleaning agents with a high concentration of alcohol,

hard scouring pads or sponges,

high-pressure cleaners or steam cleaners.

Wash new sponge cloths thoroughly before use.
Follow all instructions and warnings included with the 

cleaning agents.


Cleaning agents

Stainless steel

Hot soapy water: 

Clean with a dish cloth and dry with a soft 

Clean stainless steel surfaces in the direction 

of the grain only.
Special stainless steel cleaning products are 

available from our after-sales service or from 

specialist retailers. Apply a very thin layer of 

the cleaning product with a soft cloth.

Painted surfaces

Hot soapy water: 

Clean using a damp dish cloth and dry with a 

soft cloth/towel.
Do not use any stainless steel cleaners.

Aluminium and plastic Glass cleaner: 

Clean with a soft cloth.


Glass cleaner: 

Clean with a soft cloth. Do not use a glass 


Operating controls

Hot soapy water: 

Clean using a damp dish cloth and dry with a 

soft cloth.
Risk of damage to the electronics from pene-

trating moisture. Never clean operator con-

trols with a wet cloth.
Do not use any stainless steel cleaners.