Operating the appliance

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Operating the appliance


 the appl


These instructions apply to several appliance variants. It 

is possible that individual features are described which 

do not apply to your appliance.


Switch on the extractor hood when you start 

cooking and switch it off again several minutes after you 

have finished cooking. This is the most effective way of 

removing the kitchen fumes.

Control panel model 1

Setting the fan

Switching on

Touch the 



The fan starts at setting 



Touch the + or - symbol to alter the fan speed.

Switching off
Touch the 



Intensive setting

You can use the intensive setting if there is a large 

build-up of odours and fumes/vapours.
Touch the + symbol whilst the fan is at setting 


This activates intensive setting 

‚ 2

. Touch the + 

symbol once again to activate intensive setting 



After approximately six minutes, the electronics 

automatically reduce the fan to a lower setting . If you 

want to end the intensive setting before the preset time 

expires, touch the - symbol until the required fan setting 

is reached.
Boost function
The boost function is a short-term maximum power 

setting which can be activated at any fan setting.
Touch the 


 symbol. After approximately 20 seconds, 

the fan switches back to the previously set fan setting.

Fan run-on time

Touch the 



After approximately 10 minutes, the fan switches off 



The lighting can be switched on and off independently 

of the fan.
Touch the 



Setting the brightness
Press and hold the 


 symbol until the desired 

brightness is reached.

Saturation display

When the metal grease filters or the activated charcoal 

filter are/is saturated, an audible signal sounds for 

approximately four seconds after the fan is switched off.
In addition, the corresponding symbol appears on the 


Metal grease filter:


Activated charcoal filter: 


If you have not yet done so, the metal grease filters 

should be cleaned or the activated charcoal filter 

For instructions on how to clean the metal grease filters, 

please refer to the section 

Cleaning and maintenance


The saturation indicators can be reset while they are 

flashing. To do this, touch the - symbol.
Switching over the indicator for circulating-air mode

For circulating-air mode, the electronic control must be 

switched over accordingly:

The extractor hood must be connected and switched 


Touch and hold the 




 symbols at the same 

time, until the 


 indicator lights up for circulating-

air mode "Starter Set". Repeatedly pressing and 

holding this button combination causes the 



indicator to light up for the "CleanAir" circulating-air 


Repeatedly pressing and holding this button 

combination switches the electronic control back 

over to ducted operation (



Audible signal 

Switching on the audible signal
When the fan is switched off, press and hold the 



+ symbols simultaneously for approximately three 

seconds. An audible signal sounds as an 

Switching off the audible signal
Repeat the "Switching on the audible signal" process.




Fan on/off


Light on/off/dimming


Reduces the fan settings/fan run-on time


Increases the fan settings/intensive setting 1, 2


Boost function (short-term maximum power)


Fan run-on