Environmental protection, Operating modes

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Risk of electric shock!

A defective appliance may cause electric 

shock. Never switch on a defective 

appliance. Unplug the appliance from the 

mains or switch off the circuit breaker in the 

fuse box. Contact the after-sales service.

Risk of electric shock!

Incorrect repairs are dangerous. Repairs 

may only be carried out and damaged 

power cables replaced by one of our 

trained after-sales technicians. If the 

appliance is defective, unplug the appliance 

from the mains or switch off the circuit 

breaker in the fuse box. Contact the after-

sales service.

Risk of electric shock!

Do not use any high-pressure cleaners or 

steam cleaners, which can result in an 

electric shock.

Causes of damage

Risk of damage due to corrosion. Always 

switch on the appliance while cooking to avoid 

condensation. Condensate can produce 

corrosion damage.
Always replace faulty bulbs to prevent the 

remaining bulbs from overloading.
Risk of damage due to ingress of humidity into 

the electronic circuitry. Never clean operator 

controls with a wet cloth.
Surface damage due to incorrect cleaning. 

Clean stainless steel surfaces in the direction 

of the grain only. Do not use any stainless 

steel cleaners for operator controls.
Surface damage due to strong or abrasive 

cleaning agents. Never use strong and 

abrasive cleaning agents.
Risk of damage from returning condensate. 

Install the exhaust duct in such a way that it 

falls away from the appliance slightly (1° 



Environmental protection


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Environmentally-friendly disposal

Dispose of packaging in an environmentally-friendly 



Operating modes



Exhaust air mode


The exhaust air must not be conveyed into a 

functioning smoke or exhaust gas flue or into a shaft 

which is used to ventilate installation rooms which 

contain heat-producing appliances.

Before conveying the exhaust air into a non-

functioning smoke or exhaust gas flue, obtain the 

consent of the heating engineer responsible.

If the exhaust air is conveyed through the outer wall, 

a telescopic wall box should be used.

Circulating-air mode


To bind odours in circulating-air mode, you must 

install an activated carbon filter. The different options 

for operating the appliance in circulating-air mode 

can be found in the brochure. Alternatively, ask your 

dealer. The required accessories are available from 

specialist retailers, from customer service or from 

the Online Shop.

For appliances with an additional internal filter, only 

the CleanAir recirculation module (see Accessories 

for circulating-air mode) can be used.

This appliance is labelled in accordance with 

European Directive 2012/19/EU concerning 

used electrical and electronic appliances 

(waste electrical and electronic equipment - 

WEEE). The guideline determines the 

framework for the return and recycling of used 

appliances as applicable throughout the EU.

The air which is drawn in is cleaned 

by the grease filters and conveyed to 

the exterior by a pipe system.

The air which is drawn in is cleaned by 

the grease filters and an activated 

carbon filter and conveyed back into the