Setting and Adjusting the Projector, Setting the Security

Controlling the Projector via LAN
Setting and Adjusting the
(Settings & Adjustments)
Example: “Picture” screen display for INPUT 1
On these screens, you can make projector
settings or adjustments. You can set or adjust
the following items :

• Picture Mode

• CLR Temp

• Bright Boost

• Progressive

• C.M.S. Adjustment


• Signal Type

• Auto Sync

• Auto Sync Disp

• Audio Out

• Internal Speaker [OFF][ON]

• Resize

• OSD Display

• Video System (INPUT 4/5)

• Background

• Startup Image

• Eco Mode [OFF][ON]

• Auto Search [OFF][ON]

• Auto Power Off [OFF][ON]

• Lamp Mode

• Projection Mode

• Keylock Level

• Set Inputs

• RS-232C Speed

• Monitor Out (Standby)

• OSD Language

• Video Wall (See page 

• Stack Setting (See page 
• If you click the “Refresh” button before the
screen is displayed completely, an error mes-
sage (“Server Busy Error”) will be displayed.
Wait for a moment and then operate again.
• You cannot operate this page while the pro-
jector is warming up.
• While the projector is in standby mode, you
can only control “Power ON”.
• For details about each item, refer to the
projector’s operation manual.
Setting the Security
(Network – Security)
On this screen, you can make settings relat-
ing to security.
After clicking the “Apply” button, the set val-
ues appear. Confirm that the values are set
properly, and then click the “Confirm” but-
• After setting items, wait for 10 seconds and
then re-access.
• User Name and Password can be up to 8
• You can input the characters below :
a-z, A-Z, 0-9, -, _
• To cancel User Name and Password, enter
nothing and then press “Apply” button.
Setting of user name for
security protection.
Setting of password for
security protection.
It is possible to set up to three
IP addresses allowing connec-
tion to the projector.
No limits are set to IP addresses
connecting to the projector.
For security improvement, only an
IP address set by “Address 1-3”
can be connected to the projector.
User Name
Accept IP
All IP
From only
specific IP