1 Connecting the Pro, jector to a Computer

Setting up the Projector Network Environment
1. Connecting the Pro-
jector to a Computer
Establishing a one-to-one connection from the
projector to a computer. Using a LAN cable
(Category 5, cross-over type) you can config-
ure the projector via the computer.
Disconnect the computer’s LAN
cable from the existing network.
Connect a LAN cable (a UTP
cable, Category 5, cross-over
type) to the projector’s LAN ter-
minal and connect the other end
of the cable to the computer’s
LAN terminal.
Plug the power cord into the AC
socket of the projector.
Turn on the computer.
Confirm that the LINK LED on the rear of the
projector illuminates. If the LINK LED does not
illuminate, check the following :
• The LAN cable is properly connected.
• The power switches of both the projector
and the computer are on.
LAN cable
(cross-over type, commercially available)
A LAN cable being
connected to the network
This completes the connection. Now proceed to “2. Setting an IP Address for the Com-