Resetting the Lamp Timer of the Projector via LAN

Click “Start” – “All Programs” –
“Accessories” – “Communica-
tions” – “HyperTerminal”.
• If you do not have HyperTerminal in-
stalled, see the operation manual of your
• Depending on the settings of your com-
puter, you may be required to enter your
area code and other details. Enter the
information as required.
Enter a name in the “Name” field,
and click “OK”.
If you are required to enter the
area code, enter it in the “Area
code” field. From the “Connect
using” drop-down menu, select
“TCP/IP (Winsock)”, and click
Enter the IP address of the pro-
jector in the “Host address” field
(see “TCP/IP” on the “Network”
menu of the projector), and en-
ter the data port of the projector
in the “Por t number” field
(“10002” is the factory default
setting), and click “OK”.
Resetting the Lamp Timer of the Projector via LAN
When the projector is connected to a network, you can use HyperTerminal or a similar com-
munications program to send a command to reset the lamp timer. The example below uses
 XP as the operating system.
“TCP/IP (Winsock)”