3 Setting up a Network, Connection for the Projector

Setting up the Projector Network Environment
3. Setting up a Network
Connection for the
Settings for such items as the projector’s IP
address and subnet mask are compatible with
the existing network.
Set each item on the projector as follows. (See
page 53 of the projector’s operation manual
for setting.)
DHCP Client : Off
IP Address :
Subnet Mask :
Start Internet Explorer (version
5.0 or later) on the computer, and
enter “” in
“Address”, and then press the
“Enter” key.
If a user name and a password
have not yet been set, just click
the “OK” button.
• If a user name and a password have
been set, input the user name and the
password, and click the “OK” button.
• If the user name or password is entered
incorrectly three times, an error mes-
sage will be displayed.
When the screen as shown on
the right appears, click “TCP/IP”.