1. This refrigerator is airtight. TO PREVENT
please completely remove the door prior
to discarding the refrigerator.
  2. Highly volatile and inflammable materials
such as ether, petrol, propane gas, adhe-
sive agents and pure alcohol etc. are li-
able to explode. Do not store these mate-
rials in the refrigerator.
  3. To prevent damage to the outer cabinet,
avoid contact with lacquer, and paint, etc.
  4. When cleaning your refrigerator, do not
splash water directly on the outer cabinet
or the interior. This may lead to rusting and
deterioration of the electrical insulation.
5. When cleaning any areas adjacent to elec-
trical components or replacing the lamp bulb,
unplug the refrigerator first to prevent elec-
tric shock.
  6. Should electrical components be acciden-
tally immersed in water, unplug the refrig-
erator, dry the parts and contact your near-
est service agent approved by SHARP.
7. When disconnecting the power plug, do not
touch the pins of plug. This may cause elec-
tric shock.
  8 This refrigerator is designed solely for the
purpose of storing foodstuff for domestic
use in accordance with the instructions
given in this manual. Using the refrigera-
tor for other purposes might be harmful to
persons or property.
  9. This refrigerator is not suitable for the stor-
age of materials requiring precise tempera-
tures. Deterioration of these materials will
be dangerous.
10. Dust deposited on the power plug may
cause fire. Wipe it off carefully.
11. Do not attempt to change or modify this
refrigerator. This may result in fire, electric
shock or injury.
12. Information regarding disposal of the
 1. Do not touch the compressor unit or its
peripheral parts, as they become ex-
tremely hot during operation and the metal
edges may cause injury.
  2. If the power supply is accidentally discon-
nected, please wait for at least 5 minutes
before re-connecting the power, as back
pressure in the compressor may trip the
overload relay.
  3. Avoid removing food from the freezer with
your bare hands. Directly touching prod-
ucts stored at sub-zero temperatures can
result in frostbite.
  4. To prevent accidental power disconnec-
tion, plug the refrigerator directly to the
source. Do not use a double adaptor as
loss of power could lead to the spoiling of
the stored food.
  5. Do not place bottles in the freezer as they
may crack when frozen.
  6. Keep the door securely closed. If the door
is left ajar, the controlled inner tempera-
ture will rise, resulting in food spoilage and
increase in electricity costs.
  7. Do not install the refrigerator in a damp or
wet location as this may cause damage
to the insulation and a leak. Condensa-
tion may also build on the outer cabinet
and cause rust.
  8. When installing or moving the refrigera-
tor, make sure that you do not nip or kink
the power cord. Damage of the power cord
may cause electric shock or fire.
  9. Do not use this refrigerator when the
power cord or plug is damaged, or the
outlet attachment is loose, as they may
cause electric shock or fire.
10. Disconnect from the mains electricity sup-
ply by removing the mains plug from the
electricity supply socket. Do not remove
by pulling the mains lead. This may cause
electric shock or fire.
11. Make sure that you leave adequate venti-
lation space around the refrigerator to pre-
vent the compressor from overheating and
stopping. Please follow the instructions
given for installation.
Some household cleaning chemicals may affect the inside sur-
faces and plastic shelves resulting in splitting or cracks occur-
1.Remove the shelves and pockets from the cabinet and door. Wash them in warm soapy dishwashing
water; rinse in clean water and dry.
2.Clean the inside with a cloth soaked in warm soapy dishwashing water. Then, use cold water to
wipe off soapy water.
3.Wipe the exterior with a soft cloth each time it is soiled.
4.Clean Magnetic door seal with a toothbrush and warm soapy dishwashing water.
5.Whenever the refrigerator is moved to clean or repositioned, the Evaporating pan should be
removed and cleaned.
When cleaning all plastic parts inside this refrigerator, only use
diluted dishwashing liquid(soapy water). Make sure that all plas-
tic parts are thoroughly rinsed with water after cleaning.
• Do not use polishing powder, benzine, hot water etc.
• If undiluted detergent is used or soapy water is not wiped off thoroughly, cracking of plastic parts
can result.
• Wipe any food oils adhered to plastic components as they can cause cracking of the plastic sur-
Evaporating pan
How to remove
Move the Evaporating pan to pull
it toward yourself.
How to set
Set Evaporating pan so that
the two protrusions come
through its corresponding
Replacing method of the lamp bulb
1.Unplug the refrigerator first to prevent electric shock.
2.Remove the Light cover.
Evaporating pan
If you switch your refrigerator off when you are going away for an extended period, remove all food,
clean the interior thoroughly. Remove the power cord plug from the power socket and leave all
doors open.
Flammable insulation blowing gases
should be disposed appropriately. Take the
cabinet and doors to a recycling plant for
flammable insulation blowing gases.
3.Replace the lamp bulb with same type.
   Base E14,MAX 
10W, T-20
Switching off your refrigerator
Light cover