Video Digital Noise Reduction DNR System

Video Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) System
Reducing Image Noise
Select “DNR” in the “Options (1)”
➝ For settings, see page 
Set a level so as to view a clearer picture.
Make sure to set DNR to “OFF” in the fol-
lowing cases:
When the image is blurry.
When the contours and colors of moving
images drag.
When TV broadcasts with weak signals
are projected.
This function is available with INPUT 1
 and 480P signals) and INPUT 2, 3
(all signals).
Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) provides high quality images with minimal dot crawl and cross
color noise.
This function allows you to turn on or off the on-screen messages. When setting “
 Level A”
or “
 Level B” in “OSD Display”, the input mode display (e.g. INPUT 1) will not appear, even
if the INPUT button is pressed.
Turning Off the
On-screen Display
Select “OSD Display” in the “Options
(1)” menu 
➝ For settings, see page 
Setting the On-screen Display
Selected Item
 Level A
 Level B
All On-screen Displays are displayed.
Input/Freeze/Enlarge/Auto Sync/Volume/AV Mute are not displayed.
All On-screen Displays are not displayed.
(except Menu, On-screen displays displayed when the LENS button is pressed and
warning displays (Power off/Temp./Lamp, etc.))