Selecting Adjustment Settings, Special Mode Settings, Checking the Input Signal

Basic Operation
Selecting Adjustment Settings
Adjustment settings stored in the projector
can be easily accessed.
Select  “Select Setting” in the “Fine
Sync” menu 
➝ For details, see page 
If a memory position has not been set, a
resolution and frequency setting will not
be displayed.
When selecting a stored adjustment set-
ting with “Select Setting”, you can set the
projector in the stored adjustments.
Special Mode Settings
Ordinarily, the type of input signal is detected
and the correct resolution mode is automati-
cally selected. However, for some signals, the
optimal resolution mode in “Special Modes” on
the “Fine Sync” menu screen may need to be
selected to match the computer display mode.
Set the resolution by selecting “Special
Modes” in the “Fine Sync” menu 
➝ For
details, see page 
Avoid displaying computer patterns which
repeat every other line (horizontal stripes).
(Flickering may occur, making the image
hard to see.)
When a DVD player or Digital Video is
connected, select 480P as the input sig-
See “Checking the Input Signal” below for
information on the currently selected input
Checking the Input Signal
This function allows you to check the current
input signal information.
Select “Signal Info” in the “Fine Sync”
➝ For confirmation, see page 
The projector will display the number of
scanned lines available from audio-visual
equipment such as a DVD player or Digi-
tal Video.